Spraoí agus Spórt in Senior Infants

Another busy week for senior infants which included a fantastic sports day on Wednesday.

We were so lucky with the weather and all the boys and girls truly enjoyed the day from competing in relays, bean bag throwing, bouncy castle fun and of course, the ice cream!!!

A huge thank you to all the parents, volunteers and organisers who helped out on the day and to those who came out to support.The turn out was super! The pupils really enjoyed all the fun activities at each station.

Also this week, senior infants started a new theme in aistear… Sinéad’s favourite; Farming!

This week the students are learning all about the farming life style and the hard work involved in each season for the farmer.

Sinéad brought in some pictures and animal feed from her own family farm and the students found it very interesting. Sinéad brought in straw, long grass from fields that are ready to be cut for feed, cow nuts, turf and the favourite, silage! The students could not get over the smell of silage, but were really engrossed on how silage is made and how it is different to hay. Silage is basically rotten grass and the grass is stored as a bale in black plastic wrapping that allows the juices in the grass to produce an interesting odor! Cows love silage in the winter as it is very filling in the cold winter months. Hay on the other hand is left to dry out before being out into a bale with netting to hold it in place. This gives hay its light colour.

In our Aistear stations, the students are making homemade butter, using straw to make chicks and cozy beds, a farm cycle on paper plates, small world farming and sowing seeds and making patterns.

Senior infants will be well prepared for their school tour trip to Stonebrook Pet Farm next week!!

Take a look below at some of the pictures from the week gone by.

Have a great weekend.



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