Sports, Art and Games in 5th

What a busy week 5th class had. The week started off with Moorefield Gaelic training in the Cearnóg with two trainers. The class carried out some skill drills and then played a mini match. The sun was out and they enjoyed the break from the classroom.

On Tuesday, the whole school set off for sports day. The day stayed dry, thankfully and 5th class had lots of fun taking part in all the stations. The class didn’t seem to feel the chill in the air as they were active. Stations such as penalty shootout, relay races and the water races seemed quite popular on the day. Many thanks to all the volunteers and helpers who made the day such a success! It was wonderful to see all the families calling out to see the event.

For the rest of the week, 5th class started revising their gaeilge verbs and played biongó for fun. The class also worked on chance and 3d shapes in maths this week. The class carried out some group activities for chance including coin flipping and recording a tally, rolling a dice and recording and the frequency of picking out coloured cubes from a bag. From these results, the class revised converting fractions to decimals and percentages too!

For Art, the class started their “Op Art”. This art is all about an optical illusion. Everyone is trying out different ideas and colourways in their art.

Finally, the class played group games in P.E this week. The class were rewarded an extra few minutes at P.E and managed to get a game of dodgeball and a game of volleyball in.

Please take a look at the vast amount of pictures taken from the different activities that took place this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!