Special people and a very special person

Jim from the zoo

We had very special visitor into our school this week. Jim from Dublin Zoo came into us to tell us about the amazing animals that live in the zoo. We had a great time listening to Jim and he had some very interesting facts for us. We learned that the bamboo tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Dublin Zoo used the Bamboo tree to make the forests in the zoo because it would take to long for other tree’s to grow. I hope the panda’s don’t eat it all. Jim gave us some homework to do. He asked us to walk around like elephants at home. We thought we would have to go around making lots of noise but Jim told us that an elephant is a very quiet mammal. If we have two sponges at home Jim asked us to take of our shoes and to tie the sponges to our feet and walk around. This is what it feels like for an elephant to walk around. Try it out!

Elephant's foot
We also learned about an amazing man. He was a very famous man and he made some amazing speeches. We listened to his speech and we came up with our own dream of the world. See if you can finish this sentence. I have a dream that one day……