So far in Sinéad’s Senior Infants

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How quickly the first few weeks have gone by! Senior infants are really into the swing of things again and revising all their sounds and blending sounds together as they prepare for reading later this year.

Senior infants have also finished their first Aistear theme; ” Myself and my Family”. The boys and girls designed their very own family tree by mixing primary colours using brushes and sponges to ‘dab’ or ‘stroke’ the paint onto their posters. They then pasted the different members of their family onto their painted tree. They also sequenced a human timeline by cutting and pasting the stages of life on a timeline chart. They were very busy in the home at roleplay with cooking, taking care of the baby and cleaning the house. We agreed that there are a lot of responsibilities in the home and it can be much easier when everyone gets involved!

Overall the boys and girls had alot of fun with this theme. We all got to share our own story of our  family with the class; how many in our family and whether the boys and girls are the oldest or youngest sibling in the family. Sinéad got to know the class that little bit more too!

Well done senior infants on a great week.

Have a great weekend!





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