‘Our School’ in Senior Infants

This week senior infants finished the theme ‘Our School’.  We worked really well at our stations in our groups and in pairs. Take a look at the pictures of us in action!


DSCF9790-001 DSCF9791-001 DSCF9792-001 DSCF9794-001 DSCF9798-001 DSCF9797-001 DSCF9796-001 DSCF9795-001 DSCF9799-001 DSCF9800-001 DSCF9801-001 DSCF9802-001 DSCF9869-001 DSCF9805-001 DSCF9804-001 DSCF9803-001 DSCF9870-001 DSCF9871-001 DSCF9873 DSCF9874-001

We also finished our first novel ‘James and the Giant Peach’. We absolutely loved the story and were very eager to see how the story ended. We discussed our favourite characters and moments within the story. We all agreed that James is a very kind and smart character who helped the creatures along their adventure.

A reminder that dress up is this Friday for Temple Street Hospital.