Our Health is Our Wealth!

This week in senior infants we learned all about healthy eating. It was also ‘Well-being Week’ in school so it fit in perfect for us to talk about looking after ourselves both physically and mentally. We discussed the importance of looking after our bodies by eating well and exercising. We looked at the food pyramid and the different food groups. We looked at each food group and the different kinds of food that we like and the foods that we never tried before.

In our Aistear stations we designed our own types of smoothies. Some people preferred lots of berries in theirs while others put honey in theirs to make it sweet. We looked at these recipes and on Friday we made our own class smoothie and named it ‘Summer Smoothie’. We wrote up the steps to making a smoothie in our handwriting copy.

Our other Aistear stations included being blind folded for food tasting. Some of us tried new food for the very first time and liked it! We guessed what kind of fruit or vegetable we tried based on the smell, the texture/touch and the taste.

At another station in Aistear we did some fun bubble wrap printing with paint. We mixed different colours to make secondary colours and designed traditional Irish fruit and vegetables such as cauliflower, blackberries, carrots and beetroot.

We also created super healthy lunchboxes. We were busy cutting and pasting healthy food into our lunchboxes with the focus of putting food from each food group in.

We also made a huge effort with our own lunches this week and made some changes to our lunch by replacing sugary foods with a piece of fruit or vegetables. Some boys and girls even introduced new foods that they tried for homework, into their lunches the next day. We earned lunch stars too! It was great to see pictures of the children trying new food at home during the week. Some tried passion fruit, pomegranate, kiwi and much more.

Our final Aistear station was roleplay. We went to the dental surgery and the boys and girls took turns at being a receptionist, dental surgeon and a patient. By eating healthy food and keeping sugary food to a minimum, we are also being kind to our teeth.

We focused in on the importance of complimenting others this week for ‘Well-being Week’. By giving someone a compliment it can brighten up someones day. A compliment is a small kind gesture that is easy to do. We made an effort this week to compliment someone each day. We decided to make a ‘Compliment Challenge’ chart. We had to fill up the chart with smiley faces for each compliment we received from others by the end of the day.

On Friday our smoothies went down a treat! We put pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, banana, natural yoghurt and a little bit of honey into our smoothies.

What a week! Well done senior infants on the great work this week and for making a great effort with new foods.

Take a look at the pictures below of the boys and girls trying their smoothies!

Have a great weekend everyone and keep up the healthy eating!




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