S.I. – Chinese New Year

This week in Croí na Scoile Senior Infants have loved learning about Chinese New Year. We had already learnt about China as part of our SESE curriculum earlier in the year but it was lots of fun to celebrate the new year.

We watched the story of how all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac had a race to find out which year they would be. And we were very excited to learn that the Chinese believe these animals look after us all  our lives. Some of us have monkeys and cockerels looking after us in Senior Infants.

We also made some Chinese dragons with colourful faces and long tails just like the ones in the New Year’s parade. We are bringing them home today.

And finally we were very sad to say goodbye to Dalia. We would like to thank her for all her hard work at NETNS and for the sweets she brought to share today. All the best to her for the future.

Our star of the week was Dalia and our Réalt na Seachtaine was Lilly.