S.I. – Butterflies

Senior Infants know lots about butterflies. We have been learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. How it starts life as an egg, turns into a caterpillar, then builds a cocoon and eventually becomes a butterfly who lays even more eggs.

We watched the story of  ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle, made our own butterflies in Visual Arts using symmetry printing, made 3d life cycles using pasta and learnt a poem about the butterfly. Here it is for everyone to share….

by Mary Dawson

Creepy crawly caterpillar
Looping up and down,
Furry tufts of hair along
Your back of golden brown.

You will soon be wrapped in silk,
Asleep for many a day;
And then, a handsome butterfly,
You’ll stretch and fly away.