Senior Infants on the Farm



What glorious weather we have these past few days. It was a short week, but a seriously busy one too.

Senior infants had a really special day on their school tour to Karibu Farm on Thursday. The boys and girls set out early on their bus trip to the farm. Senior infants completed the Aistear topic of “The Farm” this week so it was perfectly timed to have our trip the same week.

The boys and girls were buzzing with energy on the bus trip over and were really excited for the day ahead. Upon our arrival, the classes were split up into 4 different activities. These were; field free play, go-karting, play ground and a tractor/trailer ride around the farm fields. The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed each activity. The had their lunch and were eager to get back out in the sunshine to do the animal tour and get back to the playground.

Senior infants got up close to alot of animals including the turkey, she was really quiet! The boys and girls also got to feed the goats. Our tour guide James had lots of interesting stories about the animals and how he fell in love with taking care of the animals on the farm.

This week, senior infants finished the topic of “The Farm” and the butter making was a big hit!

Senior infants explored the farm life and farm safety at small world and also made their own farming year cycle on paper plates. Sinead brought in lots of resources from her own farm including silage, straw, hay, cow nuts, rolled barley and calf ear tags that the farmer uses to register their newborn animals. It acts as a form of passport for them as each tag has a different I.D number. Sinead showed lots of pictures of new born calves and pictures of farmers looking after their animals with regular cow testing, dosing the animals and looking after their coat for lice. We all agreed that the farmer has lots of responsibilities!

Since the boys and girls are familiar with sheep from the Curragh, Sinead showed the class videos of sheep shearing and how the farmer also looks after their wool by dipping the sheep to keep their coat clean.

Take a look at the pictures below of the boys and girls busy at work in Aistear and having fun on their school tour!