Senior Infants News

Maths week this week and senior infants looked at shape, data and measure for the three days. We went to the halla on Thursday to work at stations. Michael’s 4th class worked with the boys and girls to teach them about different ways of measuring: liquid, length and weight. We had a lot of fun at our groups investigating measure. We were introduced to the trundle wheel that measures distance. Senior infants measure different objects using the trundle wheel and some had time  to measure the perimeter of the hall. We also looked at measuring a bench by using our hands. Horses and ponies are also measured using hands!

Many thanks to Michael’s 4th class for all their help on Thursday!

Also this week senior infants started their new aistear theme: Nocturnal animals.

Nocturnals animals are animals that prefer to come out at night time. They sleep during the day and are awake at night. We are learning all about the owl, badger, hedgehog, fox, bat and hare. Each animal has different strengths when it comes to their senses.


Here are some new pieces of information that we have learned this week:

  • The badger has poor eye sight but they have strong claws for digging burrows called “setts”.
  • The hedgehog has poor eye sight but has excellent hearing. The hedgehog protects himself from his predators by curling up and exposing his spikes when it feels in danger.
  • An owl has very good sense of hearing and can also move its head right around. We all agreed that this was really helpful for the owl to keep watch for predators.
  • A male fox is called a dog and a female fox is called a vixen.
  • Foxes have really good eye sight and are very quick. They live in a “den”.
  • A bat relies on “echolocation” to catch prey or to stay safe. Bats have poor eye sight and rely on their screech and their hearing. When they screech they can figure out if something is approaching them by the sound/ echo that bounces back at them. Bats are small and have long wings that they use to wrap up in when asleep.

Take a look at some pictures of the senior infants at work on their indoor maths trail with 4th class.


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