Seactain na Gaeilge i Rang a Cúig

Bhain muid taitneamh as Seachtain na Gaeilge. I rith na seachtaine, bhíomar ag obair go dian ag caint as Gaeilge sa rang and timpeall na scoile.

5th class designed a Gaeilge board game in the previous week and they finally got to use it with 1st class. The boys and girls in 1st class really enjoyed it and working along side 5th. They also read the story “Ag Dul i Bhfolach” to 1st class on Thursday while also doing “Am Comhrá” throughout the week. It was great to see 1st class using their Gaeilge in the classroom and to see how hard they work on their Gaeilge! Throughout the week raffle tickets were awarded to those who spoke Gaeilge both in the classroom, on yard or around the school. These raffle tickets are put forward to a school raffle for a lovely easter egg!!

Earlier in the week, 5th class made red clay pots using a pinching method. These red pots will be used for our seed that we planted in the previous week.

On Tuesday, the class visited the Sciobal to take part in a Céilí. The class enjoyed the session where they danced Ballaí Luimní and Íonsaí na hInse. There was plenty of laughter from the class!

Also during the week, the class finished up the topic of time in maths and begun the new topic of percentages. We already not how to convert decimals and fractions so we are now learning to convert fractions and decimals into percentages. Percent means out of  100. We are referring back to our notation board to understand the values.

In SESE, the class have started the topic of World War 1. The class looked at how WW1 came about and who was involved. They also looked and discussed the Irish involvement and how people back in Ireland survived during the war. Those that went to war from Ireland, sent their pay home to their wives/family and there was also a problem with rationing out food during this time. The class learned how rationing books were introduced in many stores including butchers to help ration the food in a town. We will continue to look at WW1 next week.

In music, 5th class looked at their Seachtain na Gaeilge song “Tóg amach mé” along with looking at The Eurovision. The class looked at one of Ireland’s well know entries back in 1994; “Rock n’ Roll Kids”. The class were able to share some information on the Eurovision and they learned that Ireland has won a record 7 times with 4 out of 5 wins in the 1990’s.

In English, the class started learning about Informal letters and discussed the importance of letter writing long ago and how today with our technology, letter writing is slowing down. The class shared times when they wrote a letter to a family or friend but followed on to say they now they would just text.

The class also went swimming on Monday for their second last session. They will have their final session of swimming for the year in June.

Finally, in Art, 5th class explored Celtic Knots. They looked at the meaning behind some well known Celtic Knots including the tree of life, the trinity knot, the sailors knot and shield knot. They also discussed where they might have seen these designs before. Many pupils in the class said “Irish dancing” or “Jewellry”. We discussed how these designs are seen as “harmonious and intricate”. The class then designed their own celtic knots using black paper and various coloured paper to form a wonderful colourful celtic knot. Some pupils took inspiration from the well known knots while others created some amazing new designs.

Another great week was had. Well done 5th class. Enjoy the long weekend break and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!