Projects and Halloween Fun in 5th

What a week in 5th! The boys and girls finished off projects during the week and presented them on Friday to the class. The projects were on places in Ireland and promoting the area based on activities, history and the natural landscape. Some topics presented included; Loftus Hall, Glendalough, The Curragh and Kerry.

5th started the topic of fractions in Maths. They looked at equivalent fractions, proper and improper fractions. They figured out equivalent fractions based on images too.

Also this week, 5th class did some Halloween art. They blended a mix of colours as a night sky and designed black Halloween themed images to create a spooky image. The results were fantastic. There was some lovely ideas.

On Friday, the class had some Halloween fun. Firstly, the class finished off some assessments and presented their projects. 5th played a oral language Halloween themed game “Guess who” where they boys and girls were given a character (taped to their back) and had to wander around the class and by asking questions that have a yes/no answers and figure out their character. Some characters included Casper, Sinéad, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Peppa Pig and many more!

The class also enjoyed a little party that included eating some bairín breac and popcorn for the movie.

We had an unexpected visit from Dan, a past teacher from NETNS. The boys and girls from 5th were delighted to see him and even managed to nab a photo with him during Golden Time! 5th class had a great catch up with him, mostly sport related 🙂

Well done to all those who donated 2 euro for “Trick or Treat for Temple Street” this year. The costumes in 5th were amazing!

Take a look at the photos below that show 5th class dressed up, their Halloween art and 5th busy working on their projects.

Have a wonderful mid-term everyone!