Patterns in Senior Infants

This week senior infants finished their aistear stations for ‘Our School’ and spoke more about class and school rules and why it is important to have rules in place.

In Maths, the boys and girls are learning about patterns. Patterns are all around us. They can be found on lots of fabrics such as clothes, blankets, curtains and so on. We did some station activities where each group moved from station to station doing a variety of activities based on patterns. One station created action patterns and others in the group had to finish off the pattern. Another station involved copying a pattern on the interactive whiteboard and another favorite station was a group pattern whereby one person starts the pattern and then passes it to the next to continue it.

We looked at how many different types of patterns there are: colour pattern, different shapes , different size objects such as big and small circles and growing patterns.

The class are still revising their cursive handwriting and they are working so hard on their letter formation. We are blending sounds and making lots of CVC words.

In Gaeilge, the class are looking at the topic ‘Mé Féin’ and are learning some fun Gaeilge songs.

On Thursday we did a skipathon as part of our schools active flag. We were lucky with the weather on Thursday so we enjoyed our skipping outdoors.We skipped on our own, in pairs and in groups. The longers we skipped, the better we got at it!

We are really starting to see change around us as the weather is getting wetter and windier and the leaves are changing to those gorgeous yellow, red, orange and brown colours. We start a new aistear topic next week: Autumn!

It was great having some lovely show and tell items in this week and the pupils spoke so well about their show and tell.

Well done senior infants and yet another great week!

Have a great weekend.