Our Top-Class Music Projects

A HUGE well done to the children in Fifth Class who presented their music projects today. We saw the first half of our projects on our favourite band or artists today and we are looking forward to the second half of the projects after the holidays.

Today’s projects showed that the children are real experts on the topic they chose and we learned so much from each presentation.

Cian presented a stunning film he created on Michael Jackson. Beatrice showed us everything she learned about Jason Derulo on a Powerpoint presentation. Demi taught us all about R. Kelly and we even had a sing-along to the song “The World’s Greatest”. Sadhdh presented a super slide-show informing us on Béyonce and her life and music. Amy showed us she knows lots about Miley Cyrus with her very well-researched project. Bobby entertained us with his slide-show on Michael Jackson and we even got to see his “Thriller” moves! Mel showed us his skills on his guitar during his project on Nirvana.

Well done Fifth Class, outstanding work!