Numicon and Weather in Senior Infants


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What a busy week for senior infants this week. This week the boys and girls finished off their Aistear stations on the topic of Weather. Senior Infants tested out their windsocks on yard on Friday to measure the strength of the wind and the wind direction. We discussed the weather and looked at clips of more extreme weather conditions and videos of weather forecasts from RTE.

We also started our Numicon stations where we did fun activities on IPads, number line work and Numicon problems solving in our groups. We really have our thinking caps on! It’s fun working in pairs and in groups to figure out problems.

Food Dudes is also going very well. We are trying all our fruits and vegetables again and some of us are starting to like new foods! Some boys and girls are even bringing in extra fruit and vegetables in their own lunches which is great! We are earning lots of stickers and we really enjoyed the latest Food Dudes prize of a water bottle. Senior Infants cannot wait until they get the final prize.




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