Niamh’s 4th Class

We have had a busy two weeks in 4th class, some of the students have written articles explaining what we have been learning.

Junior Achievement by Samanta

We are very lucky to have had Kelly come into our class the last two Tuesdays for the Junior Achievement Programme. The first week we learned about how companies start and expand. We did role play in class demonstrating how a mechanic can start off as a sole trader and when it starts to get busier someone else can put in money to make it bigger or open another one and this is called a partnership. When people start to see how successful our business is people can invest money and shareholders start to join. It then becomes a company when more people join and we needed to hire accountants, CEO’s and receptionists.

The second Tuesday we looked at production and got to experiment whether unit production or mass production is more beneficial. Kelly brought in pens taking apart in six pieces and we learned how to put them back together. The first group did unit production and each person had to put together a full pen each in a certain time limit.  The next group did mass production and each person worked as a team having one job each to put together a pen. We saw the advantages and disadvantages of each. We can’t wait to see what we are doing next week.

Maths Stations by Eshal

We have started doing maths stations again in school and are really enjoying them. For those who don’t know what maths stations are I will explain. Maths stations is where you are put into a group and you will have your own table with your group. Then Niamh and Emily will sort out what activity you’ll get. All the activities are really fun and we learn lots. In this weeks maths stations we learned about decimals. We did activities that helped up solv addition, subtraction, division and multiplication sums. We also did a really fun math market activity where we got the prices of lots of food and had to do word problems based on the prices it was like going shopping.

Space by Cara

We learned about different planets and we listened to a rap and a song that helped us remember the facts. Some of the facts we learned include knowing that uranus is spinning on its side and mercury can be as cold as a fridge and as hot as an oven. Venus is the same size as earth but spins the opposite way. We all did a project on each planet and presented them to the class.


Chinese New Years by Gracie

We have been learned a lot about China and the Chinese new year this week in school. We read the story about the race between the animals and the twelve animals that finished first.  We also made cherry blossom tree  Chinese scrolls in art on the first day of Spring and learned how to write our names in Chinese. We had lots of fun learning about the festival that is happening on the 5th of February so we are looking forward to even more great activities on it next week.


P.E by Róisín

This week for PE we are doing gymnastics we have revised how to do a quarter turn and a half turn and learned how to do a full turn, you need a lot of balance to do this. We also did pencil rolls and front rolls on the gymnastics mats. We practiced holding weight with different parts of our bodies and are already getting better. Next week we will be creating sequences.