News from the top!

This week in 6th class we had the student council elections. We had some great speeches and in the end it was very close but our new student council reps are Niamh D, Jack, Julia and Josh as the sub rep.

We also presented our projects. There were some great facts about Canada, really tasty Australian cookies, interesting things about Afghanistan and some really cool flip flops made out of bananas. We did charcoal drawings for art. There were some amazing drawings and some pretty pictures.

We had a lot of grandparents come in and visit us while we were painting landscape pictures. We had to choose between red and yellow or red and blue. Then we had to use black paint and paint buildings and other types of silhouettes. Grandparent’s day had a great turnout.

We have a new golden time rotation now as we have our names on clothes pegs and get moved up and down as the day goes on. This is a great system!
Have a great weekend everybody,
6th class