Last 2 weeks in 5th class

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The last two weeks in 5th have been so busy. From Santas visit to the school, to the getting ready for the schools “Winter Fair” and many more activities in between.

5th have been preparing hard for their assessments before the Christmas holidays. They are learning two Christmas songs on the tin whistle; “Jingle Bells” and “Merry Christmas Everyone”. They are much more comfortable with using the tin whistle that they were able to play both songs in 2 days!

5th class also started swimming as part of their P.E in the Curragh. We had 2 sessions to start us off and we will have 3 more sessions in February.

In Geography the class finished learning about the counties, mountains and rivers and lakes of Ireland. 5th also finished the topic “The Great Famine” and continue to read their class novel that looks at the famine also.

The Winter Fair was a huge success with Sinéad’s class raising almost 54 euro from their art and crafts.

In Maths, 5th class covered lines and angles and decimals in the past 3 weeks. 5th are able to measure an angle using their protractor, draw and angle and calculate the degrees of an angle. In decimals, 5th are using place maths to understand the value of decimal numbers. We looked at some maths videos explaining it further played online games.

Anything before the decimal point is a whole number and numbers after the decimal number are part of a number. When adding or subtracting decimals we must make sure that our numbers are lined up correctly and we can use our place maths to double check that our numbers are lined up under the correct values.

Finally, the class set up the classroom Christmas tree and very soon, the boys and girls will leave their Secret Santa gifts under the tree for this Thursday/Friday. We look forward to seeing all the gasps and smiles!