The last week of Junior Infants!

We had a fabulous last week in Junior Infants.

We talked about and celebrated our learning and the friends that we’d made during our first year of school. It was fabulous to share our song with people from home and also with our friends in school.

We had some super fun playing in the forest too!

Astronauts class were really happy to win the cleanest classroom award!

Well done to all the Junior Infants for all their hard work and thank you to all of the parents and guardians for your continued support.

We’ve had some requests for the words for our song so here they are!

The Bird Song

There’s a bird singing in the garden,
at the top of an old pine tree,
and he’s singing to all of the others,
won’t you come and join with me.
“​We’re going to have a party,
it’s going to be the summer time soon, ​
​they’ll be plenty of worms to eat there,
and quite a lot of other bugs too.
They’ll be snails and slugs and earwigs,
spiders and quite a lot of seed,