Space Time in Junior Infants

This week in junior infants we are learning about space. We have been talking a lot about the different planets and travelling through outer space. We have a lot of super astronauts in our classes who loved playing outer space during role play this week. We made pictures to show the planets which are close to the sun and the ones which are very far away. We have also had a lot of discussions about Pluto. We also loved talking about gravity and imagining how different things would be if we lived on the moon.

In phonics we learned about the sounds e and h. We can’t believe we already know three out of the five vowels. We love making words by blending our sounds together. We know so many words right now that we can’t even tell you how many there are.

In maths Kim’s class looked at the number 2, it’s a tricky one to write but they did a great job. Clara’s class really enjoyed numicon this week.

In Gaeilge we are learning all about bia(food).