Polar Explorers in Junior Infants

This week the Junior Infants came into class to find that the rockets had gone and the Role Play areas had instead been transformed into the South Pole!

There were icebergs and snowdrifts galore!

We read the book ‘Lost and Found’ about a penguin and a boy and their journey of friendship. We drew maps of the boy their adventure in Aistear. We also printed polar animal stamp pictures, investigated floating and sinking objects (we’re building boats to explore the polar regions next week) and pretended to explore the Artic / Antartic as well!

With the Student Council’s help, we also made an ideas box for our class. Student Council members explained to us that we could draw ideas for things that might make school even more fun!

In phonics we learned about the ‘r’ sound, we looked at words that began with the sound and learned how to make the letter. In maths we continued to look at  the concepts of more, less and the same.

This week we also had a fire drill practice! It was fantastic to see the Junior Infants listen so well to instructions and work together to make sure they were safe.