News from Junior Infants!

Junior Infants have been doing lots of work over the last week! In Sacra’s class we have been having fun experimenting in our Science lesson! We have been exploring magnets and we investigated whether materials are magnetic or not. We found out that many things are magnetic, such as paper clips, spoons and money. We also found things that are not magnetic; lego, pencils and our workbooks! Well done everyone!

In Orla’s class we have been using clay to make magnets in our Art lesson! It was our first time using clay and it was very exciting! Everyone got a piece of clay and we used our hands to mould the clay into a shape that we were happy with. Then we carefully moved the magnets to a safe place in our classroom so that they could dry. We can’t wait to paint them! We would also like to say a big thank you to Karen who has been teaching us for the last number of weeks. We had great fun and learned lots of new things. We hope she comes to visit us again soon!

Have a great mid-term everyone!

Sacra and Orla