Junior Infants Get Interactive

Junior Infants get interactive!

During the past few weeks the Junior Infants have had an Interactive Whiteboard to try out. We have had an AMAZING experience with the board. We have used it throughout the school day and it has added an extra layer of excitement to our learning.

Our viewing of our last three chapters on our Jolly Phonics DVD was compared to being at the cinema!

But the board has been about so much more than all of us enjoying a large scale view of images.

 We have come up and used the board for matching in maths, for learning about trees in SESE, we learned about éadaí in Gaeilge and had lots of fun dressing and undressing our characters. In SPHE we completed interactive lessons on body safety and healthy eating. We have listened to various sounds from the environment and we have responded to art images. During morning activity time we have taken turns with colouring activities. We have finished our final group of Jolly Phonics sounds and have now begun blending our sounds to read words. This learning has been greatly enhanced with the use of phonics programmes and the IWB.