Finding Hedgehogs their homes!

It has been lovely to see the Junior Infants exploring the woodlands again this week.

After planting and looking after trees last week, this week we concentrated on learning about the animals that live in the woodland and the types of homes they would have, we talked about hedgehog nests and badger sets, fox holes and rabbit burrows and looked at lots of pictures of them.

We all made animals, mostly hedgehogs or foxes, from clay, then we painted them and made them homes. We filled the homes with good materials to keep warm and make a comfy bed. Some of the hedgehogs decided they would hibernate!  We added animal homes to our woodland pictures and had great fun in the Role Play area, some of us camped in the woodlands, whilst others pretended to be animals, gathering supplies for the cold winter ahead!

There were loads of exciting activities in Maths Week  and everybody loved listening the the challenge questions that were announced over the intercom, we all also really liked taking part in the trail made for us by 3rd class! Thank you 3rd Class!

To top a super week, today was ‘Crazy Hat Day’ It was wonderful to see the super creations made or brought in from home. It was great to share them all with the class.