Earth, Space and a lot of lovely Aliens!

It has been a week of alien designing, planet investigating and space exploration in Junior Infants! It is fantastic to see everyone learning and developing new skills.

We talked about the vast expanse of space and how much exploring there still is to do. We read the books, ‘Aliens Love Underpants!’ ‘Q Pootle 5’ and ‘Albie and the Space Rocket’ and used our imaginations to think of the wonderful creatures that might share the universe with us!

We made pictures of the Solar System and used the rockets and puppets we’d made in previous weeks to go into space. We even made launchpads and space stations to go with the rockets!

On Wednesday it was Grandparent’s day and it was a privilege to have so many visitors to. The children really enjoyed showing everyone their work and their classrooms too!

In maths we continued to look at the concepts of more, less and the same, whilst in phonics we looked at the ‘h’ sound.

David’s Class

Clara’s Class

Space 079 Space 078 Space 077 Space 076 Space 075 Space 070 Space 071 Space 072 Space 073 Space 074 Space 069 Space 068 Space 067 Space 066 Space 065 Space 064 Space 063 Space 062 Space 061 Space 060 Space 055 Space 056 Space 057 Space 058 Space 059 Space 054 Space 053 Space 052 Space 051 Space 050 Space 045 Space 046 Space 047 Space 048 Space 049 Space 044 Space 043 Space 042 Space 041 Space 040 Space 036 Space 037 Space 038 Space 039