Autumn Trees and Animals

This week in Junior Infants we’ve been looking at the changing seasons and focusing on Autumn. We had lots of fun exploring our woodlands and investigating the leaves and trees at this time of year. In Aistear we talked about why the leaves lose their leaves, where the different woodland animals live and what they might be doing at the minute. In the Role Play area we pretended to be different woodland animals preparing for the winter ahead.  This week we also painted our Gruffalo creations, made woodland animals out of clay and also made woodland animals for the small world area.

On Thursday, for National Tree Day, we all got to plant our own conker (horse chestnut) trees!

We spent time sharing our news in Oral Language time and really concentrated on listening and speaking skills. In Phonics we looked at the ‘t’ sound and in maths we looked at number and comparative language.