A week in the Autumn Woodlands

This week in Junior Infants we had a fantastic week exploring and learning all about the Autumn woodlands!

We discovered that the leaves on trees turn all sorts of colours like red, and brown and gold.  This is because the tree is taking back important energy from the leaves as it heads into the cold winter, the leaves then change colour and fall off.

We even created our own Autumn Tree and stuck on lots of different colour leaves on the tree or put them on the ground.

The children named all the animals they could think of that lived in the woods. Then they made their own woodland animals out of plasticine.  Some children made owls and hedgehogs, some of them ladybirds and spiders. They did a super job!

Everyone enjoyed making super paintings of the Autumn weather and leaves falling down.

We also cut out animals that might live in the woodlands and stuck them on a woodland picture.

If you had looked in our woodlands area in the classrooms

you would have seen lots of animals, gathering nuts and berries,  hibernating and even some foxes hunting.