A Super Start in Junior Infants

We have been very busy in junior infants. We have now settled into the school routine and have been learning loads of new and exciting things.

In Aistear we started learning about houses and homes. We did wonderful activities such as making lego houses, painting pictures of houses, cutting and sticking furniture from the house and even playing in the role play home area.

We have now moved on to the theme of the Gruffalo. This week we made Gruffalo puppets, played in the deep dark wood, made the characters with marla and created our own Gruffalo masks. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week.

We have been very busy with our phonics and we can now read the sounds s, a and t. When we put them together we can read the word sat.

In maths we have been counting to ten, matching and sorting things that are big, medium and small.

We are really working hard at our cutting skills and writing our names independently.

As you can see we have been really busy. Kim and Clara are so impressed with everybody.