In the Artic

Brrrrrr!!! The temperatures in the Artic are low and they certainly are here in Newbridge at the moment too!

Sinead’s senior infants have been working very hard at their new Aistear topic to start of 2018.

The class learned all about the different animals that live in the Artic. We looked at where the Artic is in location to Ireland. We all agreed that we would miss the sunshine and plants if we were to move to the Artic region.

In our stations the class made some fun layered polar bears and constructed their very own sugar cubed igloos. They used puppets of Artic animals and Inuit people to create a story once their igloos were made. A lot of team work was needed to build the walls of the igloos. Once they got the hang of the building, it all came together very nicely.

In another station, senior infants carried out an experiment called “Sticky Ice”. The boys and girls really enjoyed learning about how sticky ice is made using ice cubes, salt and string. We discussed how important salt is to us when we have really cold, slippery conditions. The salt melts the ice and It keeps us safe on our travels.

In the final two stations, the boys and girls created their own Artic scene. They were busy cutting and pasting the different animals and adding them to their picture and placing them in the correct areas. Some animals like the narwhal and the the killer whale live in the cold waters, while the artic fox, the polar bear and the artic hare live on the ice.

Senior infants also categorized the correct features of some artic animals and discussed in their groups what the eat and what they can do.

The polar bear uses his claws to catch fish and to balance on the ice.

The walrus uses his tusks to move around and get out of the water.

Take a look below at the boys and girls at work.

Well done Senior Infants!

Happy New Year everyone.