Halloween fun in Senior Infants!

This week was another busy week. We finished off our aistear theme on ‘Nocturnal Animals’ and we also learnt about Oiche Shamhna. We looked at songs including “Púca, Púca” and “Oiche Shamhna” and we finished our week with a Gaeilge Halloween party. We learnt about some Halloween traditional snacks such as Bairín breac, úlla, milseáin and cnónna. We also looked at a large pumpkin and we played some Gaeilge games based on Oíche Shamhna.

We  also tasted bairín breac and a lot of the boys and girls wanted more! There was plenty to go around.

We used flour and a grape and competed against one another to keep the grape on the pile of flour without knocking it off.

We also had apples hanging from the ceiling and senior infants worked REALLY hard at trying to take a bit out of the apple. It was a challenge not to use our hands but everyone had so much fun just taking part.

Take a look at all the photos from the week.

Well done senior infants and Happy Halloween. Stay safe!


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