Grandparents Day, Debating, Street Soccer, Self Portraits and the Amazon in Rang a Sé!

What a week we have had! On Wednesday, we were delighted to welcome some of our grandparents and family members to our school. They kindly answered lots of our questions and it was very interesting to hear how primary school has changed through the generations. Well done to the Student Council members who did a terrific job of making sure that everything ran smoothly.

Our debating team competed against Ballyshannon NS, proposing the motion To tackle climate change, all people should be vegetarians. Both teams impressed the adjudicators and the audience alike as they presented excellent arguments for and against this interesting motion. The NETNS team was victorious in the end and our team members were keen to thank their opponents from Ballyshannon for a really enjoyable debate. Well done to all!

In keeping with our current theme for Gaeilge, Mé Féin, we finished painting our self-portraits. We were tasked with focusing on elements such as tone and texture and our work can now be seen on display in our classroom.

Our self-portraits

The last two weeks have seen us learning about the Amazon Rainforest in History, Geography and Science. We finished off our work on the Amazon Rainforest by presenting our projects on an array of animals which call the rainforest home. Our Poet Tree display features poems about the rainforest, all of which feature personification as we set about writing from the trees point of view. We published our final work on leaf-shaped templates in keeping with our SESE theme.

Our Poet-Tree!

Our class also had the chance to experience Street Soccer this week and to say we enjoyed it would be an understatement! We got to practice our soccer skills and play mini-matches in the specially designed inflatable soccer pitch. A big thank-you to Dan for arranging this for us!

Enjoying street soccer