Forces and Electricity in Senior Infants

This week senior infants started the week off with their class party for filling the class marble jar. Senior infants enjoyed ice cream cones, story time and free play with bubbles.

Senior infants were super scientists this week as they explored magnets, electricity, floating and sinking and the forces of push and pull in their Aistear stations.

Senior infants had alot of fun investigating items that float or sink at the water station and investigated items that magnetise around the classroom.

They also explored electricity safety on posters and on the computer. Senior infants made beautiful butterflies that were then tested for static electricity. The class loved exploring static electricity at the start of the week with the balloons on their heads.

The class also categorised push and pull and what force we carry out for each object.

We finished off the topic of weight this week and we compared and measured objects using cubes.

After the aistear stations, we made fun fridge magnets as an extra craft activity. We came up with some really creative designs!

We also made a circuit in our groups using wires, batteries and bulbs. We discussed how electricity passes through a circuit and if it is broken, the bulb would not light up as the connection is broken. We investigated how more batteries can light up a bulb more. We used aaa, aa and c batteries to test this out.

Take a look at the pictures of senior infants in action below. Have a lovely break!