Food for Thought in Sue’s 6th Class!

We have been very busy this week! Sa Ghaeilge, bhíeamar ag foghlaim faoi ‘Bia’ (Food). Rinneamar dramaíocht, ‘Sa Bhialann’ (In the Restaurant), faoin téama chomh maith! In Maths we have been working on adding and subtracting large numbers, we also used follow-me cards to help us to practice our understanding of Place Value. Among other activities in English, we enjoyed figuring out word puzzles and in keeping with our SESE theme, we also read and discussed an aboriginal Dreamtime story called The Birth of the Sun.

Our SESE project about Australia is almost complete and we look forward to presenting the Science group work we have done on the Great Barrier Reef next week. The concert put on by singer and songwriter Sina Theil went down a storm, we thoroughly enjoyed it! We also had a chance to complete our entries for the art competition as part of the Family Fun Race Night which will take place on the 13th of October.

Finally, as our groups are named Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, we have taken a keen interest in whether Pluto will have its full planetary status restored in the near future. Sue has promised us that we can mark the occasion with a little celebration if it does!

By Group of the week, Pluto : Christian, Jack, Gryphon, Rhys and Nojus