Final week in Senior Infants


I cannot believe the year is almost over and that i am writing my final class blog! What a year it has been.

It was active week this week and senior infants enjoyed the variety of activities carried out all week. Activities such as penalty shootout, skip-a-ton, long distance running and Drop Everything and Dance which took place each yard break. The emphasis this week was to get moving and try something new. On Wednesday Michael’s fourth class shared their station activities with senior infants, They explained the rules to each game and the boys and girls played each activity in groups. Senior infants showed lovely team work at the shark chase game and some great skill at the bean bag throwing station. A huge thank you to Michael’s fourth class for the great work they put in to making these games and teaching them to the class. They had so much fun!

We finished up our final Aistear theme this week. Water was our last theme of the year and the boys and girls enjoyed investigating objects that float or sink and objects that soak up water or not. They also looked at the importance of water in our lives. We looked at the importance of water when we clean ourselves. We revised how to wash our hand properly to make sure we clean all areas of our hand both palms, fingers and back of our hands.

We also looked at water safety this week and the importance of keeping safe at water. With the summer holidays approaching we looked at the beach and the swimming pool, places we will all go to at some stage over the summer months. We discussed the Irish water safety posters, stories and rules to being safe. We also made our own water safety posters!

At the junk art station the boys and girls made boats and checked to see if they float. The boys and girls were very imaginative with their designs and extra details and they discussed them with the class.

We attended our final assembly this week and there the attendance certificates were awarded to pupils with excellent attendance and those who made a big improvement in their attendance.

Take a look below at some pictures snapped of the boys and girls this week during active week!

I hope the boys and girls enjoyed senior infants just as much as i have teaching them. I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!



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