Final Week in Senior Infants

The final weekly blog of senior infants has come upon us. Cannot believe it. What a year we had!

For our final week, NETNS carried out Active Week and it was a glorious week to be outside getting plenty of exercise. We started our morning with Cha Cha Slide dancing on yard, followed by a class activity each day.

Senior infants really and truly enjoyed taking part in active week with activities such as the obstacle course, active stations, penalty shootout and free play in the woods.

The boys and girls also finished up their week with their last Aistear topic “Water Safety”. They learned about the importance of following the rules at both the beach and at the swimming pool. We know how important it is to read signs and obey the lifeguard. We shared some important rules as a class and looked at some pictures of people being unsafe in waters.

As part of water safety topic, senior infants enjoyed getting creative with clay. They chose designs linked with water and painted them later in the week. Lots of the boys and girls made fantastic fish, mermaids, boats and sharks.

With the glorious weather, it was only right that the boys and girls had ice creams in the woods to cool down on their second last day. They also had a farewell party on Friday and finished their final novel, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

Have a look at the boys and girls of senior infants on their last week. How grown up they all look now as they prepare for first class.

Well done on a wonderful year senior infants. I really enjoyed the year we had. Best wishes for next year! Hope everyone has a great summer!