Farming fun!

Senior infants got stuck into farming this week as we carried out some really fun activities in the classroom.

We made some lovely chicks and used straw to make cozy beds. We also sowed seeds on a farming worksheet and made some great patterns with the seeds. In the play station, the students got stuck into working in the small world farm. There was some very interesting stories on the farm like making silage, tagging calves and even cows breaking out on the farm!

The other station make a farming year cycle on paper plates. At this station the pupils discussed the different activities that happen during each season. In the summer the animals are outside with their young and in the winter the animals go in from the cold. The final station was a big hit with the class as they made homemade butter! The class made homemade butter using their own muscles with lots of shaking. The class tasted the butter on some yummy brown bread then and they liked it so much that there were plenty requests for more! The students wrote up the steps to making butter so some might like to try making it at home again!

Also this week the class were lucky enough to have David, a parent who works on a stud farm, come in a talk about all that goes on in the stud. We also got a lovely treat from him also! Thank you David for coming to visit us and share more on farming. We really enjoyed what you had to say!

On Thursday the class also let loose in the halla for Wassa Drums. Everyone got to use drums and perform as a class. We have great rhythm in senior infants!

Friday was the day senior infants were really looking forward to- The school tour. The weather was lovely and everyone had a blast.

Please see below some pictures from school this week. Don’t worry, school tour pictures will be up next week!

Have a great weekend. Well done senior infants!



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