Dancing through the week in 5th

After a lovely 2 weeks off, 5th class got back into the swing of things quite quickly with some new topics. This week in 5th we started creative dance in P.E. In P.E, 5th class had to come up with a dance and use their creative side to putting the dance in sequence and making sure everyone had a major part to play in the dance. Of course there was one twist to the dance…the groups had to follow specific guidelines that included having moves that included curves, low movements, mid movements, high movements, moving 3-4 body parts and creating shapes. All these guidelines were decided by a dice! The class enjoyed coming up with their own movements for each option and performing for the class. Creative dance next week will follow on from this lesson to sequencing more moves to a particular song.

5th also started Area in Maths and finished off the week doing their names on squared paper and finding the area of their name and the perimeter. The activity was harder than they thought as they had to plan out their name and allocate the correct amount of squares for each letter.

The class are learning all about finding the area and perimeter of irregular shapes and regular shapes. They are also learning about finding the length or width of a shape if the area is provided for a shape.

The class also looked at the song; “Its a Long way to Tipperary”, a song that was sung back in W.W1. The class are also learning the song on tin whistle too. The class are enjoying the upbeat tempo and learning their next note on the tin whistle; high D.

Finally, the class looked at Ogham in a comprehension this week and the class designed their own Ogham stone and saw what their name looks like in Ogham.

Take a look at some pictures taken during the week.