Creativity in Sinead’s 5th Class

Another wonderful week in 5th this week with the class starting their piñatas for Halloween. The class were split into groups and they started their first layer of gluing. It will take a few weeks as the class will need at least 4 layers of newspaper on their pinatas before any decoration is done. They look forward to using them for Halloween in the classroom.

During the week the class started more informal letters but this time the informal letters are being sent to pupils in the other 5th class. The pupils have no idea who they are writing to at first but through their letter writing they will find out more and more about their pen pal. In our informal letter writing the class will practice using the correct letter layout, spacing their work and separating their topics into paragraphs. They class are really excited at the fun activity that will go on for a few weeks.

The class also started free writing in the classroom and are showing their creative side when writing short stories. Titles vary and the pupils have a choice of topics to choose from. Some pupils are reading other pupils stories which is lovely to see!

In maths the class are still working on lines and angles and learning how to measure angles using their protractor. They are following specific steps in order to measure their angles accurately.

In Gaeilge this week the class continues learning about sli bheatha= occupations. They also revised some vocabulary from the chapter and revised the verb “Glan” which means to clean in the aimsir chaite (past tense).

Finally, the class are thoroughly enjoying the last 2 chapters of Goodnight Mister Tom. This week the class listened to the developments in the village of Weirwold and the big announcement made by Chamberlain about the war with Germany, William Beech is coming to terms with it all. The class made some interesting predictions and added them to the class prediction wall.