Chromatography and Creative Writing in Rang a Sé!

This week, our Science lesson saw us experimenting with chromatography. We learned that most inks are a mixture of colours and that mixtures may be separated by physical means. We applied this knowledge by using paper chromatography to separate the colours found in water-soluble markers using filter paper and water. It was amazing to watch the colours separate on the filter paper as we added drops of water to them using our pipettes. We had great fun estimating the results and then recording our findings.

We then applied our new skills in creating spooky looking designs as the ‘moon’ for our Halloween artwork. Once our chromatography moons were dry, we added Halloween themed silhouettes to them and decorated the background with oil pastels. The results were amazing!

Our creative writing took a spooky turn this week as everyone composed their own short story with an eerie twist! Every story was different and it was a great chance for us to express our creativity and share our work with the class.

Wishing everyone a fun-filled mid-term break!

Rang a Sé

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