Aztecs in 5th

This week 5th class started learning about Mexico and are learning about the Aztecs. The Aztecs were a group of people that lived in Tenotitchlan, but we now know it as Mexico city today. The pupils looked at the importance of God’s to their culture and 5th will look more closely into all these gods next week. The most important God is the god of sun.

In maths the class looked at 2D shapes and tessellations.

In Gaeilge, the class finished up on the topic of “seomra nua”. They looked at the verb Eist in the Aimsir chaite too.

The class are almost finished their piñatas. They are adding colour and features to then now so they are really starting to take shape.

During the week the class listened to the debating trials in the classroom. The schools debating team will host their first debate in 2 weeks time on the topic of homework.

In P. E the class started their second team sport- indoor soccer. They worked on drills that worked on kicking skills and aiming at targets of various difficulties (distance and size).

In Goodnight Mr. Tom, the class are listening to the developments of Williams handwriting and reading and how his friendship circles are developing nicely too. William is determined to move into a different class at school.

Finally, 5th class did a lesson on gratitude and filled in a worksheet on things they are grateful for. The lesson followed on with mindfulness, with a focus on gratitude and appreciating what we have- famil, health, friends, homes, food and so on.