Autumn is here!

This week in senior infants we are learning all about Autumn. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year with the vast amount of colour that is around us. In senior infants we started out the week with a lovely Autumn nature walk and we worked in pairs to find and collect some items from the wooded area by the school. We found many items including; a spider web, brown, orange and yellow leaves, pine cones and nettles.

We also enjoyed learning more about trees on Thursday for National Tree Day. We looked also planted conkers as part of one of our Aistear stations.

In Aistear we are doing some leaf rubbing using leaves like the horse chestnut, beech leaf, sycamore leaf and the oak. We discussed the differences in each leaf by their size and their shapes. We are using Autumnal colours for the leaf rubbing and we are doing a really good job!

At the handwriting station we are drawing our six favorite images of Autumn and labeling our pictures with cursive writing at this station.

At the art station we are using autumnal colours with crepe paper to design our autumn trees.

Our final station consists of playdoh fun! We are finishing off autumn images and are roll, stamping and shaping playdoh to complete the picture.

Also this week we started ‘Around the Alphabet’ activity. We are working very hard on our cursive writing in class and we added a bit of fun to it. Each child got a cursive card with one letter on it. For one minute each pupil practiced the letter before moving to the next letter board. Senior infants really enjoyed this activity.

We look forward to completing our stations next week. See the boys and girls busy at work below!

Well done guys!


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