All About the House!

This week senior infants are learning all about different types of homes. The class learned all about 2D shapes so now they are busy creating houses out of 2D shapes. Senior infants are designing fantastic houses with lots of colour and extra details like gates, garages and front walls to their houses.

In roleplay, the boys and girls are learning all about the work of an estate agent. There are some really great estate agents in senior infants that are super at selling the expensive houses. There certainly is no housing crisis in senior infants! Everyone has their own requests for their new home such as a large garden, a large garage for all their sports cars and even a swimming pool! They are having lots of fun at this station.

We also practiced our addition skills using cubes. We had to crack a code and colour our houses and homes pictures with the correct colours. We also explored materials used on houses. We looked back on the well known tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the three types of houses mentioned in the story.

At another aistear station, we created our own homes from blocks, straw and lollipop sticks. We found it difficult to make strong straw houses and the wooden houses are popular. We are testing out our creations with the big bad wolf blow! so far the wooden houses are holding up well!

In small world, the boys and girls are having fun carrying out jobs in the doll house. There is lots of furniture rearranging and cleaning which is great to see!

In P.E the class have started on dance. We had fun on Friday using magic dust and making movements with different body parts.

Have a great weekend everyone. Well done senior infants on another great week.