A Sunny Week in 5th

The weather is finally back and 5th took advantage of it this week.

The class started revising at the start of the week and when the sun came out, the class had a lovely trip to the Curragh on Tuesday to relax and play before the assessments began. The sun was so warm and the class enjoyed soaking it up.

The class also carried out Orienteering game in groups outdoors. They had to memorize their paths and try not to repeat going to the same cone where codes were given (or some that said “try again”) and not give away any clues to the other teams. They then had to crack the code and report back once they got it. Well done to the 4 boys who Cracked the code in the end!

Later in the week, the assessments began. The class also started the topic of water safety and some pupils shared some stories of times when people were not careful around water. The class will continue to discuss water safety next week as they get ready to hit the beaches, swimming pools etc. over the summer holidays.

On Friday we celebrated our new Green schools flag. Well done to all involved!

Next week is Active week and 5th class are looking forward to their special duty on yard in the mornings to encourage everyone to get active.

We look forward to the last week of being active and enjoying our last week as 5th class pupils. What a quick year it’s been!

Take a look at some photos below of the class out enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!