A Colourful Week in Sinéad’s 5th class

Another week done and dusted and the 5th class boys and girls are really into the swing of things. This week the class started long division and went into groups. We practiced repeated subtraction as our warm up into the topic and then looked at our division tables. 5th class finished off the topic of 2D shapes on Monday and as part of their art this week, the class are designing their own print. They are doing tessellations with various 2D shapes of choice and colouring them into a fabulous pattern.

Also this week, the class were working in their own independent report writing and picked their own topic. They had the week to research it and either do a write up or type up their piece. Some wonderful topics include Roald Dahl,Golden State Warriors basketball team, Pugs, The Great Wall of China and J.K Rowling.

In P.E the class are continuing with Volleyball. As a class they played a game in the hall and are continuing to learn the rules of the game while focusing on their dig/ forearm pass and serve. The game requires a lot of team work and communication! They need to call for the ball and work together to return the ball successfully as a team.

In Gaeilge, the class looked at Bia and uimhir iolra agus uimhir uatha. They also worked from their Briathar copy this week to revise An Chéad Réimniú agus an Dara Réimniú.

The class finished up on the topic of the Aztecs and are finishing off Aztec masks. They looked at the timeline of the Aztecs and when the Spanish took over and destroyed Tenochtitlan to make Mexico City.

In our class novel; “Skellig”, the class are really glued to the story line at the moment and curious to find out what happens next. We are almost finished it!

The class earned 5 marbles this week and are working hard to fill up their class jar! They even beat the teacher in points in the classroom and they were very pleased this week!

On Friday, we also has a visitor in to speak with us about “Give Racism the Red Card”. The class listened to stories of Irish people who have suffered various forms of Racism and the class discussed the different types of racism. They also got red wrist bands!

Another wonderful week was had. Well done 5th class.

Have a lovely weekend.