A Busy Week in 5th

What an incredibly busy week we had this week!

5th class had their assembly for the school on Thursday and they performed 2 songs: “32 Counties and 40 shades of Green” and “Stuck in the Middle”. They also discussed some counties projects to the school.

Once our bridges from our S.T.E.M Week were complete, the class presented their bridges and we tested them in class with some weights. We discussed each others designs and the reinforcements made with the lollipop sticks. We had 4 bridges that made the class semi-final and then a final was picked then for the assembly on Thursday.

Well done to our finalists. They presented their bridge and tested their bridge to the other 5th class finalist. It was really impressive to see how many large Jenga blocks it could hold without breaking!

In the S.T.E.M assembly, we also got to see the other classes who carried out other projects such as the strongest paper column, paper helicopters that could descend the slowest and paper aeroplanes that could travel the furthest. It was wonderful to see the hard work carried out in different classes during S.T.E.M week.

Also this week, 5th started the topic of “The Great Famine” and we continue to read our class novel based on the Famine. We also started designing our own Coat of Arms for Kildare and we looked at the different symbols associated with Kildare. Sheep and football was mentioned quite a lot!

On Thursday morning, the pupils also had the treat of see the Leinster rugby cups in real life in the halla. Neil Taylor came in to talk about them and everyone was able to take a class picture with the wonderful (but really heavy) trophies!

Finally, 5th class have now learned 6 notes on the tin whistle and have moved on to more difficult songs that work on crochets, minims and semi quavers.

Take a look at the huge list of photos below!

Have a great weekend everyone!