Back with a bang!


Welcome to our sixth class blog. We will try to entertain and inform you about everything that’s going on in our school and class. We have Peter as our class teacher this year. He has told us that sixth class is a big year and we have to get lots of things done. He also said we will get the opportunity to do some really cool things this year.

One of the things that we hope to do is the Primary science Fair. Sixth class last year went and we would love to go this year. We were brainstorming for ideas today during science and we created a shortlist of Projects. Peter is going to submit one of our project ideas to the RDS on our behalf and if we our lucky to get picked we will be running experiments every week until Christmas. We will also get to go to the RDS for the day. Last year they went on a Saturday so we are hoping we get to go on a school day this year.

It already seems that sixth class will be a very busy class but we can’t wait to get stuck in. See you next week.


Sixth Class