A letter to Marie’s Sixth Class

Dear Rang a Sé,

I’m writing this to remind you all of how amazing you are and although I know you’re worried and nervous about moving on, you’re all ready. You can do this, you’ll be fine I promise.

The last few days in NETNS have been a little frantic and very busy and you might not recall the words I said to you when you were leaving as let’s face it, it was quite emotional, so I’m writing this to remind you so bear with me.. (no not an actual bear, the verb “bear”).

When you came into your classroom on the first day, I knew straight away that I was in trouble here because you were definitely going to steal my heart and although I knew that there would be challenges ahead, I also knew, without a shadow of a doubt that you were going to give me a very interesting and fun-filled year and that’s exactly what happened. From day one I felt like the luckiest teacher ever and I still feel like that.

We packed a lot into a very fast year and although we accomplished a lot academically, it’s the other things that I hope you will remember as you get older, the lessons that will stand to you forever. Things like sticking up for each other, accepting differences as being just part of someone.. no big deal, giving everyone a chance, not needing to be the best but being absolutely ok if you are the best and being happy if someone else is, telling the truth when it’s the hardest thing, just because it’s the right thing to do, helping others because you want to not because you have to, doing your best in everything and having pride in yourself because you did, working hard in every task (not just the ones you like) singing in front of others, jumping in to give it a try even if it’s scary, having your own opinion even if it’s different to everyone else’s, telling your friends the truth even if you don’t want to, standing up for what is right and knowing it’s the right thing to do.. these and many more examples are some of the things that you all mastered this year and my heart absolutely swells with pride when I think about how hard you worked to achieve them.

Sixth class for us wasn’t just about finding the percentage of a number or figuring out why the Second World War started (although we did this and loads more)  it was about becoming a family and having each other’s backs and building friendships that will last for years to come, so although I was completely heartbroken at 2:10pm last Thursday, when you walked out of our classroom for the last time, I am also so proud of each and every one of you. I watched you comfort each other, hold onto each other and reassure each other as you walked through the gates and I knew that my job here was done.

We laughed every single day so keep laughing and smiling.. it’s good for you. Keep singing, you know it makes you feel great! Keep finding the answer and don’t settle until you get the one you need. Keep believing in yourselves… you are worth it, you are important enough and you deserve all the happiness and success coming your way. Be yourselves, you’re perfect just how you are, if someone doesn’t get that, they’re not worth it.

Believe in yourselves just like I believe in you and always will.

This is not only the last time I write a post about our class but it’s also the last post I will write as my time in NETNS has come to an end. I’d like to thank each and every one of you. Please thank your parents and your siblings for me also, for their fantastic support. It was my honour and privilege to teach you and I know great things are coming your way.

Even though I’m no longer officially your teacher, I’ll always be available if you need me, please don’t forget that.

So… finally… enjoy every second of next year.. don’t worry about a thing, you have this. You’ll be fine.

All the best,

Marie 🙂