6th Class Basketball Match Report

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On Tuesday the 29th of November, the 6th class boys and girls traveled to their first away game against Prosperous N.S. The boys and girls were full of excitement on route to Prosperous with plenty of sing songs and car games!

The girls game was up first and the nerves were beginning to show as Prosperous went into a very early lead in their home court. N.E.T.N.S soon settled into the game with 3 baskets to end the half. N.E.T.N.S were still down but the girls remained positive as they themselves felt that they were confident at attacking the basket. There was some great passes on the court that opened up some great opportunities for the girls to score.

In the second half the girls pushed on to close the gap and by the last quarter the teams were fighting basket for basket. In the end, Prosperous were still a threat and it was too much for N.E.T.N.S who were unable to win a basket before the final whistle. The final score was Prosperous 15, N.E.T.N.S 13.


It was the boys turn next and they got straight into business with a warm up and discussing some tactics that they picked up from the girls game. Once the game started, N.E.T.N.S were under pressure to get some opportunities to score. N.E.T.N.S played some great defense on Prosperous and made it hard for them to earn their first basket. Prosperous earned their second basket shortly after and N.E.T.N.S needed to settle in order to score. The boys did exactly that as the passed the ball around with ease and found a open shot that got N.E.T.N.S into the game. The confidence in the boys started to build as they made some amazing blocks under the basket and some nice steals to put Prosperous under pressure throughout the game. Unfortunately Prosperous got a fast break and made a huge shot towards the end of the game which helped their lead. N.E.T.N.S kept working together to try and earn another basket but from 3 opportunities the ball did not drop! In the end the final score was Prosperous 8, N.E.T.N.S 4.

Well done to both 6th class teams who showed passion and fight in both games. They certainly gained great experience from the day out and will be ready for the next game!

I would like to thank the parents who helped with transport to and from the game. The 6th class appreciated the extra supporters at the game.





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