Yoga Pretzels in Ruth’s 5th Class

This week in PE we learned how to do some yoga poses and how to centre ourselves after a busy week. First of all we enjoyed some breathing exercises to help us to slow down. We learned that these exercises help you to focus your mind and body. Next, we set up five stations on the mats that focused on balance, forward bends, twist & stretch, back bends and standing poses.  Each child got a chance to take the role of leader in demonstrating each pose. We did such an excellent job in this role! We learned that it is important to take a break in between each pose and sometimes do an alternative pose afterwards. It’s really important to breathe deeply during each pose and to enjoy them also. Yoga is not about making the pose perfect; it’s about enjoying the process. At the end Ruth called out a mini-meditation for us to enjoy while we lay on the mats. We all left the halla relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.


Happy weekend everyone!


Ruth and 5th Class