Ruth’s 5th class news

We worked on many exciting lessons this week in Ruth’s 5th class. Here are some of those lessons. In Geography we studied our natural environment and the recreational activities that people can take part in. In groups we did project work on an activity and location of our choice. Examples are abseiling, fishing, potholing and horseriding. We began to present our projects on Friday and will continue to present them next week. Each project is full of creativity and interesting facts!

In Literacy we made up our own poems in pairs using a fun and easy strategy- 1 Noun, 2 adjectives, 3 adverbs and 4 verbs. We are all budding poets now! We also focused on persuasive language and writing. We practiced the techniques of persuasive speech in groups against other groups in a debating style. It was fun and it taught us how to be effective in a debate. We will continue this in the coming weeks.

In Art we drew the side profile of a person’s face. We worked in pairs for this. What you need is a projector, A3 paper and a pencil to begin. The projector’s light is facing the wall, the piece of paper is stuck on the wall and one person stands with their side facing the wall. Then their shadow appears. We then trace the person’s face on to paper. Once you have the drawing we then coloured the profile using coloured chalk in varied textures. We used blending and shading to reach the desired final product. This was such an enjoyable lesson.

Have a nice weekend everyone,

Ruth’s 5th class